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The New York Knickerbockers (Knicks) are an American professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Knicks compete in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the NBA. Founded in 1946, the Knicks were one of the original members of the Basketball Association of America which later merged with the National Basketball League in 1949 to become the NBA. The New York Knicks are one of two original NBA teams still located in the same city; the Boston Celtics are the other team. The Knicks had a lot of early success as a franchise and really hit their stride when Red Holzman began coaching the team in 1967. By 1973, the Knicks won eight conference championships and two NBA championships. Since that time, the Knicks have won just four division titles and two conference championships. They have not won an NBA championship since 1973.

The Knicks play their home games at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The arena, known around the country as “The Garden,” still regularly sells out games because of its storied history despite the Knicks recent struggles as a franchise. The franchise has had 10 NBA Hall of Famers that played the majority of their career with the Knicks. This listed is highlighted by Bill Bradley, Walt Frazier, Willis Reed, and Patrick Ewing. Ewing was a dominant player in the 1990s, and he is considered to be one of the greatest NBA players of all time to never win a championship.

Location: New York City, New York

Head Coach: Mike Miller

League: NBA

Conference: Eastern Conference

Division: Atlantic Division