Who Exactly Was Not Respecting LeBron and the Lakers?

LeBron won his fourth NBA Championship last night in his 17th NBA season. He’s appeared in 9 of the last 10 NBA Finals, and he, Anthony Davis, and the Lakers are favored to repeat again next season. At the start of this season, the Lakers and the Clippers were odds on favorites to win the NBA championship. Heading into the bubble, the majority of the money wagered was on a Lakers Finals victory. So who exactly was LeBron referring to in the clip below?

Is he talking about wanting the MJ vs. LeBron debate to be over? Is he talking about Chris Broussard picking the Rockets to win the NBA Championship? Or maybe Skip Bayless’s constant troll tweets? I really don’t know or care, and I don’t think LeBron should either. He’s the greatest player on the planet, and everybody knows that.

As for the Lakers, they are now tied with the Celtics for the most NBA Championships in NBA history. So who is disrespecting that organization?

Well, I think I found my answer.

LeBron’s speech not only brought out the dumbassery in himself but also the extreme dumbassery in others. So, for that LeBron, you’ve earned my respect.

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