Top 5 Reasons NFL Players Agreed to the new CBA

Top 5 Reasons Player Agreed To The New NFL CBA Deal

MonkeyPicks: You know how we do it.  5 picks. Never wrong. Lets go.  

Reminder: The weekend starts on Thursday night this week – because it’s 4:20 somewhere.

#1 – MO MONEY…It is a benefit, but that ain’t it.  But, rhymes with money…4:20, with a doctors permit of course (stern face).  4:20 means smoking pot for all you prudes reading this. BTW – apparently since the CBA has been approved 100% of the NFL has been given medical prescriptions by very reputable doctors across the country.  

#2 – Less chance of injury.  NOPE. More hits on tap with increased games and teams in the playoffs.  So why would they accept this? (wink wink)

#3 – More health benefits for the retired and current players.  YEP (wink wink).

#4 – Less punishment for positive tests. YEP (my eye is getting tired…wink wink)

#5 – More Days Off.  YEP. Thank goodness Denny’s just extended their GRAND SLAM DEAL.  Writing this gave me the munchies….

Tip for the Week – This was just a satire. Or was it…

Disclaimer: Teams with the most points generally win, most of the time.  Results may vary. Don’t feed the animals. If you bet based on this…you should be in the Zoo!

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