I’m Worried About The NFL Season

Alright, I’m officially worried about the NFL season. I thought last week’s cancellation of the Titans/Steelers game was a fluke. I thought for sure we’d be seeing Derrick Henry line up across from the Bills vaunted run defense this week and everything would be back to normal. But it’s sounding more and more like that game is going to be cancelled after two more Titans tested positive.

Okay, so just one team is outbreaking right? Wrong. The Patriots have had three players test positive over the last 72 hours. Yikes. And now the Raiders have some positive tests? this puts three different games in jeopardy of being played on Sunday, and we’re already halfway through the week. I’m really not feeling very good about these odds.

I’m not saying that I think the football season is going to get cancelled. It just seems like there’s too much money on the line for that, and the NFL has proved time and time again in the past that player safety is not their number one priority. But, if we keep trending in this direction of team outbreaks, then I wouldn’t say things are looking great.

If there ends up being outbreaks on teams across the league, the NFL is going to have to make some kind of pause to the season right? They’re already in a pretty tricky spot with the Titans if they miss two weeks in a row. How is the NFL going to make that game up? It’s not like they can make the team play two games in a row. It’s not the NHL or NBA.

I’m not ready to give up on the season just yet, but I am ready to say that I am very worried about how things progress forward.