Fantasy Football Week 4: More Injuries and More COVID

We can all just agree at this point that this NFL season sucks right? Every week seems to bring more bad news. This past week it was Ekeler and Chubb going down for an extended period of time officially decimating fantasy rosters like my own. Now it just leaves the question of who’s next.

And as if injuries weren’t enough, the COVID news continues to get worse and worse. The Patriots and Raiders now have positive tests to go along with the Titans who look like they are going to have to cancel yet another game this coming Sunday. I don’t know what the NFL plans to do from here, but it doesn’t feel very positive right now.

So here’s my words of advice to you: just enjoy the season while it lasts. Don’t get too caught up in all the worry about the future. Just try to win week to week, and if your team really sucks, then I guess hope for the season to get cancelled? I don’t know what to tell you at that point.

With so many injuries and COVID issues, this is going to be an important week on the waiver wire for a lot of teams. My recommended pick ups are listed below.

Waiver Wire Pick Ups: Chase Edmonds (RB, ARI), Justin Jackson (RB, LAC), Tee Higgins (WR, CIN), Dalton Schultz (TE, DAL), Jared Goff (QB, LAR), Devonta Freeman (RB, NYG)