2020 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Predictions

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is the best sporting event of the year. Don’t fight me on this. It brings the entire world together for 10 minutes to watch the most disgusting display of American over-indulgence that you could think of all in the name of celebrating our inception as a country. I love it. Some might even say I live for it.

So, when COVID-19 cancelled every sport on the planet and took away most of what we love in this world, I was worried that the Hot Dog Eating Contest might be its next victim. But, I underestimated the resilience of this great event. No global pandemic could stop this from taking place. It’s just too important.

Joey Chestnut dominates this competition year after year. The dude has eaten 70+ hot dogs for four straight years! 70+!! How is that even possible? It’s possible because this is the guy’s life. He wakes up thinking about eating. He does jaw workouts all day to improve his chewing strength. This man can’t be stopped…except maybe he can. Maybe this is the year another Matt Stonie rises up out of nowhere to beat him like he did in 2015. Maybe due to the pandemic more competitive eaters took on Joey Chestnut’s practice regiments to prepare for this year’s contest.

I’ve placed as many bets as I could on this year’s event, and I’ll share them with you below. All of my picks are in bold. And my picks are always right, so I’d recommend using them.

Head-to-Head Winner: Joey Chestnut (-1600) vs. The Field (+700)
Head-to-Head Spread: Joey Chestnut -15.5 (-1600) vs. 2nd place Winner +15.5 (+105)
Head-to-Head Spread: Geoffrey Esper +2.5 (-145) vs. Darron Breeden -2.5 (+105)
Head-to-Head Spread: Matt Stonie +1.5 (-150) vs. Geoffrey Esper -1.5 (+110)
Total Hot Dogs Eaten by Chestnut in First Minute: Over 9.5 (-250)
Total Hot Dogs Eaten by Chestnut at 5 Minute Mark: Under 45.5 (+120)
Total Hot Dogs Eaten by Winner: Under 73.5 (-120)
Will There be a Recount? Yes (+550) – this is the most exhilarating bet that must be placed every year
Will there be an Eat-Off? Yes (+750) – equally exhilarating
Will a Contestant be Interrupted by PETA During the Contest? No (-2500) – there might not even be fans this year

The Hot Dog Eating Contest will air live on July 4 on ESPN at noon ET.

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