I’mMrDaily: March 27, 2020

Recap of Yesterday’s Action: There was none. Everybody loses.
But we’re on to a new day, and thankfully there is something to bet on. Now it might now be what I want to bet on or know anything about…but it’s something. And, of course, I’m referring to table tennis. My table tennis knowledge is limited to knowing that I’m good enough to beat all of my friends and family at every party. Other than that, we’re picking by names only today.

Pick #1: Andrey Gritsay (+195) vs. Yevgeniy Sokoltsov

Pick #2: Pavel Vasilchuk (-190) vs. Oleksandr Brezickyi

Pick #3: Nazar Gritsienko (-120) vs. Vadym Nechyporuk

These are all winners, so throw them in a parlay and you’ll get odds of +690 on most sites.

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