I’mMrDaily: March 14, 2020

March 14, 2020 Picks:
Charles Oliveira (+130)
Johnny Walker (-145)
Team We vs. Royal Never Give Up over 2.5 (+155)

Recap of Yesterday’s Action: There was none. Everybody loses.
So I told everyone yesterday that we’d be suspending the I’mMrDaily picks until we actually had some sports to pick. Apparently we do! Unfortunately they are sports that I know basically nothing about, so I’m going to be picking these blind with limited research. I expect it to not only be fun but to also be 100% accurate.

Pick #1: Charles Oliveira (+130)
Okay big shoutout to UFC Fight Night: Brasilia for being here to save the day. They have decided that the show must go on…just with no fans. I wish that more sporting events were doing this. It’s going to be weird and take away the advantage that Oliveira had heading into the match, but it’s still going to be sports. And that’s what we need! I can’t pick with Kevin Lee on this one. He had so much trouble cutting weight and barely made it to his target in time to fight. That doesn’t bode well for stamina, and Oliveira has the second most submissions of any fighter in UFC history. I think the advantage, crowd or not, favors Oliveira heavily in this one.

Pick #2: Johnny Walker (-145)
I’m going to steal from my good friend over at Monkey Picks and take this one with the proper logic and reason – I had a shot of Johnnie Walker last night. It feels like a sign. I’m throwing my money down on Walker tonight.

Pick #3: Team We vs. Royal Never Give Up over 2.5 (+155)
I don’t know anything about eSports or League of Legends. I just like the odds on this match going three games (I’m assuming that’s what the over/under refers to??), so give me the over. Life is too short to bet the under.

Daily Parlay: Charles Oliveira (+130), Johnny Walker (-145), Team We vs. Royal Never Give Up over 2.5 (+155) – pays out +890 on most sites

Coronavirus Random Sports Picks 2020 Record: 0-0

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