I’mMrDaily: April 12, 2020

I envisioned my 2020 Easter Sunday being filled with a big feast and me watching the Masters. Instead, I’m sitting at home writing this while I watch the 1997 Spelling Bee, and, I have to say, I have a really good feeling about this Rebecca girl. Can I bet on it? No? Okay, fine, I’ll turn my attention back to Madden NFL 2020 sims again. Life’s too short to bet the under, folks. Let’s hit a bunch of overs today and all go home happy.

Pick #1: Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles OVER 58.5 (-115)

Pick #2: San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs OVER 60.5 (-115)

Pick #3: AFC vs. NFC OVER 61.5 (-115)

These are all winners, so throw them in a parlay and a $100 bet will win you $553 on most sites.

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