Wings Wednesday – Is a drum a wing?

Nothing says I’m watching a football game more than wings. But, little did we know how pathetic people’s knowledge of the actual chicken wing is.

I had a friend today ask me why do they call drums, wings? I first thought about making fun of him and humiliating him in front of a large crowd (if large crowds were allowed – thanks Covid). Then I realized this person is probably like many people on the planet and has actually never cut up a chicken. The short answer is the drum is part of the wing. There are three parts to a wing: drum, flat, and tip. Here are a couple video tutorials to help.

Yes for all you hard headed folks the tip is part of the wing as well. Little known fact – Hooters leaves the tip attached to the flat on their wings.

Drums –

Drums, or drumettes, resemble small chicken legs, with a single, main bone running through the middle. Flats, or wingettes, get their name because they’re, well, flat. They have two smaller bones that run the length of the wing

What is a flat –

The middle part of the wing is called the wingette, or flat. I like calling it flat because that’s exactly what the shape is. There are two thin bones that run parallel to each other down the length of the flat, and it has tender dark meat and is completely covered with skin.