My drunk friends have spoken again and solved the MLB and MLBPA issues…brilliant.

There is nothing that can’t be solved with a few drinks. Apparently the data is wrong…brain cells fire better when jolted with 86 proof whisky.

Seems to be a trend that Thursday night is the time my friends want to rant on what is wrong in the sports world or what is good about it in many situations. So, lasts nights conversation quickly went from Zion, Zion, Zion…and how excited everyone is to see the new summer rec league called the NBA. We even talked Hockey and how their approach make sense – Shot out to my Canadian friends. Funny how people who never watched soccer before are into it…(feels like an opportunity for Soccer in the US to take some share right now…fire up the marketing machine MLS). Quick soccer aside – Supposedly Cristiano Ronaldo makes more money from Instagram posts ($47 million) then from Soccer ($30 million) per year. I just thought he liked posting himself in his underwear…

Of course people are like – NFL would be played in Antarctica if that meant not missing the season. So were good there.

Now to the only sports league that can’t figure it out. MLB. Lets layout where we are at (I’ll simplify because people don’t like reading) – Players aren’t willing to take a pay cut (they are willing to prorate and defer), and owners aren’t willing to pay them the same because fans can’t come to the stadium & there are going to be less games.

Here is the big solution:

My drunkest of my friends blurted (more like slurred out) – “Make them do more chores. When my kids want more money I make them do more chores”. So there you have it folks the brilliant simple solution. Pay them but give them more chores. What could those chores be – Posting, Hosting Fan Virtual Calls, Season Ticket Parties…the list goes on and on. Use this as a time to grow the fan base…by making the players do more chores.

Clearly these Thursday night sessions are making a difference. Your welcome.

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