Top 5 Sports We Can Do while Social Distancing for Coronavirus

Top 5 Sports We Can Do While Social Distancing for Coronavirus

MonkeyPicks: You know how we do it.  5 picks. Never wrong. Lets go.  

Reminder: The weekend starts on Thursday night this week because no one is really working anyways right now and stuff.

#1 – Hide and don’t seek.  I’m really good at this one.

#2 – XBox Live- Clearly this is new and no one has done it before.  But, I have a feeling people are going to like it and catch on…especially the younger generation.

#3 – No Touch Football.  You’ve heard of Two Touch…this is not that game.  I’m much better at this game. Basically it is a scoring game.

#4 – Ride your bike  – this is something kids did before computers were created and watches existed, because you used the street light to tell the time.

#5 – The ULTIMATE Clean your house competition.  Don’t judge me…I did use the word ULTIMATE. When I was growing up I was told I had real skill and natural talent in cleaning.  And, when I was a kid we had to do this thing called cleaning.  

Tip for the Week – Everything is a game/competition.  Losers still suck and winners rule. Don’t be a loser.  

Disclaimer: Teams with the most points generally win, most of the time.  Results may vary. Don’t feed the animals. If you bet based on this…you should be in the Zoo!

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