I Saw A Field Yates Tweet This Morning And It Blew My Mind (CLICKBAIT!!!)

I love clickbait titles because they’re always hilariously interesting and equally disappointing. Much like this one. You’d expect this article to be Field Yates tweeting that the NFL has secretly been a government spy agency or Jim Caldwell has been cake this whole time, but it was just about NFL running backs. It really did blow my mind, though.

That’s an ass load of running backs available next season. Sure, it might be a little bit of a stretch to throw James White, Matt Breida, Philip Lindsay, and Marlon Mack on that list, but that doesn’t take away from those first nine names + Kareem Hunt (even if Todd Gurley does stink now).

This is basically the worst thing that could possibly happen to guys like Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara. After having their mornings ruined by Field Yates, the harrowing reality of knowing that you’re not going to get a Le’Veon Bell type contract and instead you’re looking at either the franchise tag or under market value has to start setting in pretty quickly.

It’s pretty exciting to think about all of these superstars hitting the free agent market at the same time. If this was Madden, I’d probably sign two just to say I did it (even though I exclusively pass the ball because I’m not a nerd). But this is real life, and, in real life, some of these guys are going to have to wait until training camp or a few weeks into the season to get signed. That’s brutal for players of that talent. Work on your wide receiver skills, kids!

It must be really hard to be a Texans fan reading that tweet. Imagine having your team trade a top-5 receiver in the league for a running back that is worse than half the name’s on this list. Couldn’t be me. My team would only give $50 million guaranteed to a guy who is worse than a third of the names on this list.

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