2020 NFL Draft Profile: Javon Kinlaw

It’s always kind of amazing to look back at the college careers of NFL first-round picks and see that they spent a year in junior college. Javon Kinlaw, the 6’5″, 324lb physical freak of a defensive tackle from South Carolina, did not belong in junior college. He should have been playing in the SEC from the second he left high school. But here he is, a former JUCO and SEC star, about to be drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, so did it really matter that he didn’t get those D-1 offers he wanted right away? I guess not.

Kinlaw is an animal on the defensive line. He presented such a major challenge to block, even for the best guards and centers on the offensive line. He has a heavy, violent force with an explosive first step that he uses on every play. The amazing thing about Kinlaw is that despite his size and his violent play style, his motor never seems to slow throughout the game. Whether it is the first snap, the last snap, or any snap in-between, Kinlaw seems to play at full speed and very rarely ever comes off of the field for a break. This is a rare attribute for a player of his size.

Kinlaw does have some negative parts of his game that will keep him from being drafted ahead of the other standout defensive tackle in this draft, Derrick Brown. Kinlaw has a relatively slow first step and has struggled throughout his career with playing under control at times. This can lead to inconsistent play and low levels of efficiency at different points in a game. These negatives will not be enough to keep Kinlaw out of the first round, though, and he should expect to be drafted in the top-20.

Height: 6’5″
Weight: 324lbs
Arms: 34 7/8″
Hands: 10 1/2″
40-Yard Time: did not participate
Bench Press: did not participate

Potential Landing Spots: Panthers, Lions, 49ers

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