Top 5 Reasons Cowboy’s Franchised Dak Prescott

Top 5 Reasons Cowboys Franchised Dak Prescott

MonkeyPicks: You know how we do it.  5 picks (or in this case potential reasons).  Never wrong. Lets go.  

Reminder: The weekend starts on Thursday night this week – because Franchise Tags Suck and stuff.

#1 – Dak’s agent accidently got the numbers switched up from $35M a year to $53M a year (it happens…)…but kept yelling at Stephen and Jerry saying “you can read what I wrote on the napkin…just sign it”.

#2 – Stephen and Jerry don’t believe Dak’s hip is going to hold up to his strenuous warm ups before a game.  It does look like it hurts…just say’n.

#3 – This whole win and then get paid thing (I know silly)…vs. get paid than win thing.  Participation should count for something…everyone gets trophies today.

#4 – Troy Aikmen said “No brainer” to sign him. – Clearly it is a brainer…  

#5 – Defense wins championships…Thanks a lot Bear Bryant. 

Tip for the Week – Don’t fill out a NCAA bracket.  

Disclaimer: Teams with the most points generally win, most of the time.  Results may vary. Don’t feed the animals. If you bet based on this…you should be in the Zoo!

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