Thoughts And Prayers To Browns +3.5 Bettors

There’s bad beats and then there’s what happened to the people who took the Browns +3.5 last night. Down 45-42 with two seconds left at their own 25 yard line, the Browns snapped the ball to run one final play. The concern for bettors that are winning by 0.5 points with that kind of time remaining is always going to be a pick-6 or a fumble on the laterals that results in a touchdown. Neither of those things happened…but this did.

This is just as brutal as it gets to lose a bet like this. It just shouldn’t happen. Sportsbooks should refund the people who lost out of solidarity with their clientele. Or at least give the a free bet or something like that. This is why when I gamble, I only bet the over. I never mess with the spread. I can’t deal with this kind of heartbreak. And neither can this guy apparently.