Some Quick Deshaun Watson Thoughts

I was going to write a long blog about where I think Deshaun Watson is going to end up next season, but I’m not yet ready to speculate on that, and I don’t want Monkey Picks holding my incorrect predictions over my head for the next year when he somehow winds up on the Seahawks. It seems a little unfair of me to love the Watson drama and hate the current state of the NBA because this could be a view into what the future of the NFL’s young quarterback stars will look like, but I can’t help myself. This story is just too wild. You’ve got a player who has made the Pro Bowl in each of his three full seasons as a starter and one of the best dynamic threats in the game of football that now wants out of his current situation. That simply doesn’t happen.

The last great quarterback that I can remember that left his team in the prime of his career was Drew Brees, and that situation was because of his severe injury and a young guy named Phil Rivers waiting in the wings. Usually top draft picks that play at even a relatively high level (i.e. Matt Stafford) are with their teams for 10+ years. Not Watson. Four years and he wants out.

I can’t say I blame him. Houston seems like the most dysfunctional franchise in all of sports right now, and Watson doesn’t want to waste the prime of his career stuck in the middle of that dysfunction. Oh, and Watson has a full no trade clause, so he can literally choose where he ends up playing next season as long as the team he wants also wants him. Which, spoiler alert, they will.

I have no idea what Watson’s trade value even would be. that’s one of the most intriguing parts of this whole story. We are jumping head first into a completely unprecedented offseason in NFL history, and I can’t wait to be along for the ride.

Like I said, I’m going to write more about this later this week or early next as I weed out some potential trade partners. But for right now, let me just say that I am 100% here for whatever happens…unless he gets traded to the Patriots. Then we should just see if we can build one of those remotes from Click.

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