SNG Weekly Wrap Up: Ultimate Bracket Of Things Week 2

We’re back with week 2 of the Ultimate Bracket of Things, and let me tell you something – it’s awesome. This bracket idea is one of the best we’ve ever had, and it’s criminal that it doesn’t have billions of views. Aside from my echoey mic and the windy park AJ recorded in, this was another great episode. We had the following four regions: Colors, Color Celebrities, Songs About LA, and Pauls. Now you might be wondering why we had two brackets related to color, and it’s because I texted in our group on Monday that I would be doing that this week. Then Joe forgot about it and subconsciously used it as his motivation for his selection.

The craziest thing this week was that Jack Black did not have a single vote against him. Not a single one. Jack Black. The man clean swept the bracket in one of the most improbable runs of all time. I highly recommend watching the full video by using the link above, but if you want the abbreviated version, the brackets are below.