NFL Mock Draft Season Is Insane

I don’t want to be old man yelling at cloud here, but I can’t believe that there are actual people who take time out of their day to study mock drafts. And when I say study mock drafts, I don’t mean a quick glance at Mel Kiper’s 6.4 iteration of his mock that includes projected trades just to see who he thinks your team is going to end up with. I mean actually study them and take them as gospel. It’s just too exhausting for me to even try doing that.

As a Jets fan, pretty much the most exciting time of every football season is the NFL Draft. It’s just about the only time all year that I feel like there’s some hope that my team might actually be good. From the mock drafts I’ve glanced at, the Jets will be ending up with Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Kyle Pitts, De’Vonta Smith, Trey Lance, Penei Sewell, Ja’Mar Chase, or Jaylen Waddle. So basically every offensive player not named Trevor Lawrence that is good enough to be drafted in the top 10.

But when I talk to my friends about the draft, they all seem to be convinced that one of those guys is going to end up a New York Jet because they read it in a mock. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I had three conversations in one day where I was told the Jets would get Wilson because of McShay then told that they’d get Pitts because of Kiper and finally Fields because of Jeremiah. Oh, and all three of those conversations were with the same person.

And I apologize, [name redacted], for calling you out on the blog, but I told you how stupid you were via text too, so I don’t feel that badly. At the end of the day, to put all of your brain power into thinking about all of these different mocks is just going to lead you to disappointment when draft season comes around and the Jets end up with someone that wasn’t even mocked to them in the first place.

Anyway, here’s a mock draft of what type of food I’ll be eating for dinner tonight. I’ll write a blog tomorrow with an update on what I actually chose.

  1. Thai – the obvious option and typically my first choice when eating out.
  2. Burger – this is always the go to. If I’m ever in a pinch, I’m getting a burger. I’ve actually eaten burgers for dinner for a week straight once.
  3. Mediterranean – I’ve been into Mediterranean food lately. I don’t know if it’s actually healthier for you, but it always seems to be lighter and less greasy than a lot of other options.
  4. Jersey Mike’s sub – did I eat this for dinner last night? Yeah, what’s your point?
  5. Salad bar salad – this night will have had to take a complete turn for the worse for me to end up at a salad bar. I find them pretty gross and unsanitary, but salads are always a pretty solid choice, so they still land in the top 5 of this mock.