Mike Trout Baseball Card Sold For $900,000….Why?

I love baseball cards. I used to have a great collection of them growing up, and one of my favorite activities when I go back home for a visit is to look through those cards. I have one of Frank Thomas holding three baseball bats, and there is a ticking time bomb inside one of the bats. It’s sweet. I also love Mike Trout. He’s the best baseball player in the world despite playing for an irrelevant organization. He’s a must watch every single time he steps up to the plate. So, I love Mike Trout and I love baseball cards – it would stand to reason that I’d love Mike Trout baseball cards then too right? Absolutely. They’re fantastic. BUT…when I saw this tweet from noted cool guy and not a narc Darren Rovell, I almost fainted.

$900,000!? What?????? Do you realize how much $900,000 is? And someone paid that for a baseball card? My brain hurts.

Listen, I shouldn’t be surprised. I know that rich people pay loads of money for dumb stuff all the time. I get it. That’s what keeps the world ticking, and I’m a capitalist at heart. But this is still outrageous to me. It’s a baseball card, man. It has his signature on it, sure. But it’s also still just a baseball card that presumably will be kept in a dark room or some locked away box never to even be looked at. If I had that much money, I think I’d use it for any one of the following things:

  • 69 seasons of Angels season tickets directly behind home plate
  • 180 first-class, round-trip tickets from LA to Tokyo
  • 18 years of a membership to Augusta National
  • 5,660 months of a Premier Orange Theory Membership
  • 214,797 Whoppers from Burger King

I don’t know, these are just a few thoughts I had. $900,000 is a ton of money. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to comprehend spending it on a baseball card. But, I guess for someone that is able to, they can probably buy that card and all of the things I listed above.

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