I had a call last night with the greatest minds and experts in sports, my friends (I believe most were sober…maybe most is likely a lie, but does that matter). First I’ll do an executive summary because apparently no one likes to read any more. And, then I’m going to give you the earth shattering outcome which actually surprised each of us so listen up you freaking thirsty sport animals.

Summary: complicated situation, owners are greedy (why do people hate billionaires so much they are just like us), players should get paid, and we have to play this year.


Here is where things took a turn I never expected.

Then one friend said – I would watch anyone play to be honest and really don’t care because I don’t have to pay to watch it, and if I’m not going to the stadium and paying those prices I just want games to watch. Play the game with who ever you can get on the field. WHAT! Then it got even crazier real quick. Another said: I’ve been watching the KOREAN BASEBALL LEAGUE and to be honest I’ve liked it! That was like learning my vegan friend had been secretly eating McDonald’s behind our backs. And, to be fair I sometimes eat Vegan behind my meat eating friends back (doesn’t feel the same).

Oh how the tide changed quickly: Then another friend said I guess we don’t need the super stars, I just want games. TIDE OFFICIALLY TURNED – My friends quickly went from pay the players, screw the evil billionaires, and I want to see the stars and my favorite players – TOO I DON’T CARE AND JUST PUT PEOPLE ON THE FIELD.

Apparently you don’t have to have Trout, Harper, Max, etc…on the field to drink beer and hang with your friends talking trash about your favorite team.

Dear Mr. Rob Manfred MLB commissioner – Apparently the American public are willing to drink warm nasty beer when they are thirsty. And, right now we are dam thirsty! PLAY BALL

I’ll just leave this last video here for your viewing pleasure.

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