Fantasy Football Week 6: My Team Is Dead

I know that no one cares about my fantasy team, but I still needed to get this out there. I’ve lost the last two weeks by a combined 4 points including a half point loss in week 5. That kind of bad luck should be illegal in fantasy football. My record has now slipped to 2-4, and I’m all but dead at this point. So what do I do from here? Rattle off 6 straight wins I guess. The best way to start getting some wins is to be shrewd in the trade market and waiver wire. At 2-4, I’ve accepted that, for the most part, my team stinks. That means that no player is untouchable right now. It’s not about trying to win trades any more. Even if I give up a lot, I have to remember that the end goal is to walk away with victories. Here are some of the guys that I think you should be pursuing, no matter your record, in the trade market and on the waiver wire this week.

Trade For: Terry McLaurin (WR, WAS), Noah Fant (TE, DEN), Kareem Hunt (RB, CLE), DeAndre Swift (RB, DET)

Trade Away: Mike Evans (WR, TB), Cooper Kupp (WR, LAR), Todd Gurley (RB, ATL), Aaron Rodgers (QB, GB)

Waiver Wire Pickups: Justin Herbert (QB, LAC), Teddy Bridgewater (QB, CAR), Justin Jackson (RB, LAC), Boston Scott (RB, PHI), La’Michael Perine (RB, NYJ), Mike Williams (WR, LAC), Tim Patrick (WR, DEN), Keenan Cole (WR, JAX)