Fantasy Football Week 3: COVID….

So it’s just come out that the Titans found out a player had tested positive for COVID on Saturday night and still played Sunday. They now have three players and five staff members that have tested positive, and they’ve shut down all team facility activities through Saturday of this week. Their opponents this past Sunday, the Vikings, have done the same. So, uhhhh…..shit.

For all you fantasy football managers out there, this news that you might be without all of your players from the Titans, Vikings, Steelers, and Texans if the NFL needs to cancel some of their games on Sunday. If you’re like me and going up against DeShaun Watson and Derrick Henry this week, this could end up playing out really nicely for you, but if you’ve got those guys or Thielen, Smith-Schuster, Fuller, etc. on your team, this could be a nightmare.

Welcome to fantasy football in 2020. It’s a bleak place with a ton of uncertainty which we can expect to remain true throughout the entire season. I have no idea what this week is going to look like, and I have no idea what to expect moving forward. The best we can hope for right now is that this is not the first of many and instead just a wake up call for these teams to be smarter and safer.

Anyway, this is going to be a busy week on the waiver wire. Make sure you’re adding players that will fill in for your potential COVID fantasy casualties.

Waiver Wire Pick Ups: Joe Burrow (QB, CIN), Jeff Wilson (RB, SF), Justin Jefferson (WR, MIN), Allen Lazard (WR, GB), Mo Allie-Cox (TE, IND), Jared Goff (QB, LAR)