Even After Re-Drafting The Entire League…The Jets Still Suck

Listen, it’s not easy be a Jets fan. The best times of the year are free agency, the NFL Draft, and the first three games of the season before the team is mathematically eliminated from the NFL playoffs. The highlight of my fandom has been two straight trips to the AFC Championship game where the Jets lost both games. So why did I have to scroll through Twitter today and find this dumb ESPN article to rub in the fact that even in fantasy land where the entire league is re-drafted, the Jets still suck?

I know I shouldn’t get mad at this because it literally doesn’t matter, but come on, Rich. Give me something to work with here. All I’ve been hearing about for the last eight years is that the Jets are building towards something. I don’t need you to also build this fantasy draft for the future. Just take Aaron Rodgers, man. And to rub it in, the Patriots get Sam Darnold so he can go win five Super Bowls? Simply brutal.

Every New York sports fan known OBJ is not a guy you want on your team right now; Rich could have drafted Bradley Chubb in the 5th round or later; and Zack Martin in the 4th round is about as boring of a pick as it gets. This isn’t the real draft; you’re not actually setting up the Jets for the future. Have some fun with it, Rich! Adam Teicher took Dalvin Cook AND Nick Chubb for the Chiefs.

Well, on the bright side, at least I’m not a Texans fan and didn’t have to scroll and see my team do this.

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