Did Lamar Jackson Have To Poop Last Night?

Lamar Jackson had a great night last night. He was tearing it up on the field and couldn’t be stopped from running all over the Cleveland Browns. Then, late in the 4th quarter, Jackson had to rush to the locker room with what the team called “cramps.” Those weren’t cramps, folks. That man had to poop. Just take a look at the video evidence below.

I don’t think anyone has a problem with Jackson having to poop his pants last night. Sure, it was a blast to make the jokes on Twitter last night, but what’s more relatable than being at work and having to drop a giant deuce? The benefit of working in an office is that it’s easier to hide what you’re doing because you don’t have millions of people watching you on Monday Night Football. But even so, everybody poops. It would be easier to just own up to it and be part of the joke instead of still trying to claim that you were cramping up like Jackson has done.

Maybe I’m so convinced it was a poop because I want it to be; I just don’t think people run like that when they’re cramping, so I’m going to continue to believe that was a big ol’ dump Lamar dropped last night mid-game until the day I die. Also, props to Lamar for coming back and leading the Ravens to win that game. Even if he lies about his bowels, I can’t take that away from him.

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