Best Quarterback Bets To Win You Money

Fox Bet NJ and PA just released their odds for where they expect the prized top-level quarterbacks to end up next season. I love these kinds of bets because it makes free agency and trade season more fun than it already is, and it gives us all extra incentive to root for off-season pandemonium. Here’s the long shot bets that I think have the best chance of cashing.

Aaron Rodgers will be the starting QB of the Green Bay Packers in 2021 – No (+375)
After last night’s debacle it’s really hard to rule anything out for Aaron Rodgers. He seems like the kind of person that might demand a trade if he thinks he has no shot at another Super Bowl in Green Bay, which, to be fair, might be an accurate assessment at this point. It would not shock me to see Rodgers leave and the Jordan Love era begin, so I like taking a chance at +375.

Deshaun Watson’s next team – Denver Broncos (+900)
This one’s fun because even if he does somehow decide to stay in Houston after this tumultuous month of January, this bet should live on until he changes organizations. Imagine betting this today and 10 years from now cashing out? That’d be fantastic. In all seriousness though, it does seem like his time in Houston is does, and the Jets are the odds on favorites because he has expressed an interest in playing for Robert Saleh. Watson has a full no-trade clause, so he can decide where he ends up, but I think the Broncos could make a pretty enticing pitch with their talented defense and strong young weapons that could surround Watson. At +900, I think this is a logical fit that could cash out at a high level.

Indianapolis Colts starting QB in 2021 – Sam Darnold (+2500)
If the Jets don’t win out on the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes, I don’t think that means they’ll be sticking with Darnold next season. Either way, I think that he’s gone, and the Bears and Colts both seem to be logical fits for Darnold. I don’t think that he is their number one choice, but he is a fit that makes sense, so it’s worth taking. a chance at +2500. I also really like “Any Rookie Quarterback” at +1200 and Ryan Fitzpatrick at +900. If I was gambling on this prop, which I am, I would sprinkle some money on a few different choices hoping to cash out big on one.

Matthew Stafford’s next team – New Orleans Saints (+1400)
Again, I’m not putting this on here because I think that it is the most likely, but I think that at those odds, you have to at least consider taking a chance. Drew Brees is all but retired and done in New Orleans, and unless they are fully committed to Jameis Winston (probably not) or Taysom Hill (definitely not), I think they will be targeting a veteran quarterback via free agency or a trade. So why not Stafford? He fits the ideal mold of what a quarterback should be in the Sean Payton offense, and I think he would be a great replacement for the Hall of Famer Brees.

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