Best Prop Bets For Super Bowl LV

The Super Bowl is the best. I love watching it. I even love watching old Super Bowls. I could happily watch the game without having any money on it, but why would I do that? Especially when there are so many great props to bet on. I took all of these odds from Fox Bet, so they could be a little different based on the sports book you use. Here are some of my favorites.

Coin Toss – Heads (+100)
Tails never fails…except in the Super Bowl. I have no evidence to back this up, but the last two times I’ve bet on Heads I’ve won, so I need to keep that streak rolling.

1st Team To Use A Coach’s Challenge – Tampa Bay Bucs (-120)
Just to get this out of the way, I don’t use any logic or do any research for prop bets. I’m sorry, that’s just not my style. There’s something about wild Bruce Arians that makes me think he’s going to just toss a challenge flag in the first quarter on an eight yard completion.

Will There Be A Successful 2-Point Conversion? – Yes (+230)
It’s 2021. There’s going to be a 2-point try. And with this offenses? They’re going to convert at least one.

Total Successful Field Goals – Over 3.5 (+110)
The Super Bowl seems like a time for field goals, doesn’t it? I don’t know why, but I just feel like I’m complaining about the amount of field goals every Super Bowl.

Super Bowl MVP – Travis Kelce (+1400)
I don’t think at all that Travis Kelce is going to win this award BUT if there is a player that isn’t Brady or Mahomes that wins it, I’m at least taking the +1400 chance on Kecle. If he’s over 100 yards with a couple of TDs and is unguardable, there’s at least a chance.

Gatorade Color Poured On Winning Coach – Orange (+120)
I’ve always been an orange gatorade ride or die for this bet, and I’ve never been more confident than this year. That’s what they had on the sidelines to dump on Andy Reid last year, and there’s no way that they change it up and possibly jinx themselves this time around. If the Chiefs win (which I think they will), Andy Reid is getting an orange gatorade shower. Bet the house on this one.

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