Best Bets for the NHL Playoffs

We’re obviously all ready for sports to return, and one of the most intriguing for me, in terms of betting, is the NHL. In this new format, it really feels as if anything can happen. I went in and looked at the odds for the Eastern Conference, Western Conference, and Stanley Cup, and I’m here to give you my best bets to win you some money. I’m not picking chalk because that’s boring and pointless. These are somewhat long shots, and they can’t ALL be winners like I usually promise, but I am personally guaranteeing that at least two of these will hit.

Eastern Conference Winner: New York Rangers (+2400)
I love the Rangers here at +2400. If the regular season had ended March 11 (which it did) and the playoffs were just going to take place as normal, would the Rangers have made it? Absolutely not. But, luckily for them, that’s not the case. They’re in the playoffs, and when play stopped, they were the hottest team in hockey. It’s going to be hard to regain that magic, but they have a great first round matchup against the Hurricanes and then anything can happen from there. I’m all about the young teams this year, and the Rangers have a great mix.

Western Conference Winner: Edmonton Oilers (+1000)
Can I let you in on a secret? I love the Colorado Avalanche to win the Cup this year (see below), but they’re +300 for the Western Conference. Those odds aren’t going to make you money! Why not bet on a bit more of a long shot like the Oilers? Remember what I said above? It’s all about being young this postseason. Connor McDavid is one of the best players in the league, and he’s got a great group of young and fast players around him. This is going to be a VERY tough team to beat this summer.

Stanley Cup Winner: Colorado Avalanche (+750)
I know I spoiled it above, but the Avs are the easy choice here. It’s shocking to me that they less heavily favored than the Vegas Golden Knights. I know the Golden Knights have been there done that and have better goaltending, but this Avs offense is going to be fun to watch int he playoffs. Give me Landeskog, Nichushkin, Namestnikov, and a healthy MacKinnon and Kadri any day over any other team in the league. They are a great bet to take home the Cup.

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