Andy Dalton – The River Card

Jerry Jones and Dak Prescot are playing a game of Texas Holdem Poker, and damn it is fun.

I feel sorry for the poor weak sports broadcasters and players out there saying things like:

  1. Do what is right.
  2. Pay the man he has earned it.
  3. Pay him what he is worth.
  4. You would be stupid to do this to your franchise QB.
  5. Jerry has billions what does he care about a few millions.
  6. Your hurting the future of your franchise.
  7. You have a limited window of time to take advantage of your situation.

Everyone has an opinion and I could care less about them and no one knows even the slightest bit about the actual results in the future. FACT.

I don’t care if you like Dak…or Jerry.  I don’t care if you hate NFL owners or not.  EVERYONE misses what is going on.  Except for Jerry.  He has been playing this game before he bought the money losing Cowboys.  That is why he is fine playing the game.  He loves it, and has proven time and time again he is willing to go all in or fold.  BTW – being good at business simply means you generally understand the future value of something and the ability to make it happen – sounds like a hustler with brains and ridiculous work ethic.  Jerry Jones is exactly that…he is a hustler extraordinaire.

Here are the facts of the negotiation:

  1. You don’t know 
  2. I don’t know
  3. And, not a single person on the planet knows the outcome of him signing or not signing on next year’s record.  (If we did wouldn’t we all place $1MM on it, but we don’t because it is called gambling.)

Only Jerry and Dak know what cards they are holding at which point they are willing to go all in or fold.  Sports is a game of POKER which I love…who will bluff…who will call.  But, it is a bet with limited facts and not knowing what everyone else is holding. 

Now here is the deck Jerry is working with:

  1. He had Dak last year and won the Super Bowl – sorry…misprint
  2. He has a great running back and a solid backup running back.  Love Zeke.
  3. He has amazing receivers so just get it close.  Actually might be the best in the NFL.
  4. He has a solid offensive line.
  5. He has a good defense that should be better.
  6. The guys on the team will show up and play no matter who is the quarterback.  I’m sure the new Coach will make sure that happens.
  7. Jerry just signed Andy Dalton who is a great team leader and can throw the ball just fine.  Not as mobile, but who cares.  Not as good, but who cares.  Remember that year, MVP Carson Wentz who was more mobile and a better passer vs. that guy who actually won them a Super Bowl for the Eagles.

I like Dak.  I would like Dak back.  But, everyone is being to emotional and the facts have some how been lost.  At this point Jerry is holding the winning deck and it is up to Dak to get give the hand to Jerry at this point.  Jerry has out played him.  

Sports is a damn bet.  And, that is why we love it.  The teams have to show up and compete. We love our teams…players…and we love them winning.  But, time and time again fans have proven to support teams win or lose.

Tip of the week: House always wins. How bout them Cowboys!

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