I’mMrDaily: March 6, 2020

Today’s Picks:
Hampton (ML) vs. Radford
Heat (ML) @ Pelicans
Avalanche @ Canucks under 6 goals

I absolutely hate pushes on bets. They’re terrible. Honestly, they feel like the biggest waste of time in the world when you’ve placed a bet, stayed up late to watch a full game, and then just got your money back when it hits the exact line. That’s what happened to me last night with the Warriors/Raptors. It would have been nice to know that Steph Curry was going to play too! Oh well, I still went 2-0 on my other picks, so there’s that.

I love the conference tournament season in college basketball. It’s a nice little appetizer before the real March Madness tournament starts in a couple of weeks. I especially love the tournaments that start early because there’s usually madness and upsets with a bunch of teams people have never heard of before. So I’m shooting my shot with this pick. It’s one that I have no basis for, but it just has that right upset feel. Give me the 14-18 Hampton Pirates moneyline tonight against Radford. I’m feeling the win and a great start to the tournament season.

I wrote about this the other day, but I think that people are diving into the Zion hype a little bit too much. Yes, he’s been playing amazing and lighting up the league (please don’t attack me Zion stans). BUT, his team is still 26-36 and really not winning a ton of games with Zion. And they’re favorites tonight against the 40-22 Miami Heat?? I know that they’re at home, but I don’t like that bet at all. There’s great value in taking the Heat moneyline tonight, so I’m doing it.

Finally, I got back on my bullshit last night with the hockey unders. And guess what? They hit. I’m going to ride the wave tonight and go back to Ol’ Faithful – the Colorado Avalanche. The Avs play a tough style of hockey that leads to few goals for either side as they win games. The team hasn’t scored more than 3 goals in a game since February 6. The Canucks aren’t much better, especially against superior opponents. I’m putting myself at risk of another push by taking a six goal line, but I’m confident this game will be five goals or fewer. Give me the under!

Yesterday’s Record: 2-0-1

My 2020 Record: 8-3-1

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