I’mMrDaily: March 11, 2020

March 11, 2020 Picks:
UNC vs. Syracuse under 148
St. John’s (-3.5) vs. Georgetown
Clemson (ML) vs. Miami

Recap of Yesterday’s Action: 2-1 on the day. I’mMrDaily wins.
The only people watching the end of the North Dakota/North Dakota State game last night were the parents of the players and people like me who bet the over. I was finally able to shut it off with 1:18 left, and the score 83-59, after North Dakota State’s Odell Wilson sank a free throw to hit the over. And that was the last score of the game. So I got to end the night a winner by a half of a point. And it felt great.

Pick 1: Syracuse vs. UNC under 148
UNC is playing really well right now which makes it hard to pick against them, but I also have a rule to never pick against Syracuse in any kind of tournament game. So that leaves me with the over/under for this matchup. It’s set at 148 which feels really high even though neither defense is what it has been in the past. I think that this is going to end up a tough battle that will start off really sloppy in the first half. I’m taking the under here.

Pick 2: St John’s (-3.5)
St. John’s vs. Georgetown. Two former powerhouses that are now at the bottom of the Big East Conference. They both stink, but St. John’s stinks a little less. The Red Storm at -3.5 is my pick for this one.

Pick 3: Clemson (ML)
Remember when we talked about gut picks a couple of days ago? I’m going back to my gut for the ACC Tournament. There’s something about the Clemson Tigers that I really like. They’re going up against Miami tonight, and by all appearances this should be pretty much a coin flip to decide who wins. But I’ve got a great feeling about Clemson, so I’m picking them moneyline.

Daily Parlay: Syracuse/UNC under 148, St. John’s (-3.5), Clemson (ML) – pays out +480 on most sites

Yesterday’s Record: 2-1

My 2020 Record: 15-11-1

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