I’mMrDaily: May 1, 2020

I LOVE this Virtual Kentucky Derby that is taking place today. It features almost all 10 of our top horses of all time. I’m going to place bets on a couple of different horses today with the hopes of hitting on one of them because they all of pretty solid odds. Let’s get into it.

Pick #1: Secretariat (+225)
You think I’m going to gamble on a virtual horse race and not take the opportunity to place some money on Secretariat? Not a chance, pal. This will be the only time in my life I get to bet on him, and out of respect for BoJack Horseman, I’m going to do it.

Pick #2: American Pharoah (+900)
American Pharoah is still the best horse that I’ve ever seen race, and if this virtual race is appealing to a younger audience, you can bet that American Pharoah is going to finish somewhere in the top three.

Pick #3: Sir Barton (+3300)
There’s a horse on here with +3300 odds?? Of course I’m putting down at least some money on them.

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