I’mMrDaily: April 23, 2020

I made the mistake of betting on the Ravens -13.5 in Madden sim the other night against the Broncos, and the Broncos won ML. Part of the problem is that the players just play so stupidly on the field during these sims that there is a lot of room for things to go awry. But, even after being burned by the Ravens a couple of nights ago, I am not going to be haunted by history. I will move on and ride with them again today…mostly because they are playing against the Dolphins, and I just threw for 200 yards and ran for another 100 with Redskins punter Tress Way against them. If Mr. Three Way (as his friends call him) can do that against the Dolphins defense, just think about what Lamar Jackson will do. And the Ravens defense sucks in that game, so this is going to be a high scoring battle. As for the Seahawks and Giants, I’m taking the under because the game is going to be played in light snow, and if there’s one thing sure to distract a person from Seattle, it’s a thin layer of white powder.

Pick #1: Baltimore Ravens (-13.5) vs. Miami Dolphins (-115)

Pick #2: Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins OVER 54.5 (-115)

Pick #3: Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Giants UNDER 55.5 (-115)

Throw these three winners in a parlay and a $100 bet will win you $553 on most sites.

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