I’mMrDaily: April 15, 2020

It’s tax day! Oh wait, it’s get-your-stimulus-check-in-the-mail day actually! Unless you’re like me who had an old bank account listed on my IRS form so your stimulus check got sent back and will allegedly be coming in the mail some time in 2020. If that’s you, then today is just another day to bet on some unders in the Russian short hockey league. I still haven’t figured out exactly what short hockey is, but I think that it’s three 10-minute periods. No matter what the exact rules are, all I know is that I’ve been making a killing on the unders in this league. I guess because it’s a shorter amount of time for each game but the puck lines seem to always stay between 7-8? No idea. But hammer those unders on all three games today and win $520 along with me on a $100 parlay.

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