I’mMrDaily: April 1, 2020

COVID-19 has now even taken from me the desire to make a stupid April Fool’s Day joke at the start of this post. So, instead, I’ll just acknowledge that it’s April Fool’s Day, and if you’re one of the brands still making those jokes on Twitter – you suck. My picks today are going to be from the NBA 2K League, and, just like with the Madden sims, we’re picking overs exclusively because if I’m going to spend my night watching these games, I’m not rooting for unders.

Pick #1: Hawks Talon GC vs. Warriors Gaming Squad OVER 127.5 (-115)

Pick #2: Heat Check Gaming vs. Raptors Uprising GC OVER 129.5 (-115)

Pick #3: Hawks Talon GC vs. T-Wolves Gaming OVER 126.5 (-110)

These are all winners, so throw them in a parlay and you’ll win $567 on a $100 bet on most sites.

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