Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat


The exact origins of baccarat are disputed, but it did rise to prominence with French nobility in the 19th century. Before the legalization of gambling in 1907, the French typically played baccarat in private gaming rooms. To this day, baccarat is typically played in private rooms as both a nod to its history and because it is one of the highest stakes games in any casino. Baccarat did not make its way to the Las Vegas casinos until the 1950s but has quickly become a popular game for the “high rollers” at casinos. It was popularly featured in Ian Fleming’s James Bond book series.

How To Play

The rules of baccarat can be somewhat daunting for a beginner, but the online game has made it easier for players to learn how to play without having to start at the high stakes tables in casinos. 

The goal of baccarat is to bet on the highest score in each hand. The player does not make any decisions in drawing extra cards. Once the betting has occurred, the banker will deal out two hands of two cards each. Occasionally a third card will be dealt according to the rules listed below. In each hand, the player can choose to bet on either their own hand, the banker’s hand, or a tie. The best odds are to bet on either their own hand or the banker’s hand. 

The point of the game is to predict that hand value that will be closest to 9. The cards that are numbered between 2 and 9 are worth their face values, the aces are worth 1 point, and the picture cards and 10s are worth zero points. The point value of a hand is given in single digits. For example, if a player is dealt an 8 and a 6, the total of the cards would be 14, but the player is given a score of 4. The score is always determined based on the far right number in their score. If the player or the banker has a score of 8 or 9, then the hand is finished. If neither hand has an 8 or a 9, then the banker draws a third card based on the rules listed below. Once a hand is finished, the highest score wins.


A “natural” finish is when either the player or the banker has a total of 8 or 9 after their two card deal. If the finish is deemed unnatural and neither has an 8 or 9, then the hand continues. If the player’s hand has a total of 0 to 5, then a third card is drawn for the player. The player will stand at either 6 or 7. If the player’s hand is given a third card, then the banker will be able to draw another card within the following stipulations:

  1. Regardless of the player’s card, the banker will draw a third with a total of 0 to 2.
  2. Unless the player’s third card is an 8, the banker will draw again with a total of 3.
  3. If the player’s third card is between 2 and 7, the banker will draw again with a total of 4.
  4. If the player’s third card is between 4 and 7, the banker will draw again with a total of 5.
  5. If the player’s third care is a 6 or a 7, the banker will draw again with a total of 6.
  6. If the banker initially had a 7, they will stand.

The hand with the highest total will be declared the winner. If the player bets on the player’s hand, they will receive an even payout. If they bet on the banker’s hand, they will be given an even payout with a 5% commission given to the banker. If they bet on a tie, the payout is 9 to 1 but ties are deemed unlikely.

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