Weekends are for Tailgating – Ultimate Tailgate Setups!

I’ve been doing tailgating wrong this whole time.

We’ve all pulled our cars, trucks, suv’s into a parking lot parked next our friends to make sure we has our little slice of pavement heaven to hang out on before a game. If we were lucky there was a little grass area behind our cars. We would then open up our trucks and started drinking and hanging with our friends. Maybe a friend had a grill or brought fried chicken from KFC in my case. But, apparently we have been doing it wrong the whole time.

Make sure you don’t have groups of 10 or greater (had to say that). Tailgating in style starts now.

Nothing says tailgating more than a 75″ TV with Satellite dish, Grill, Cooler full of cold beverages, and of course a fully operational bathroom.

If you think I’m kidding go checkout: http://www.ultimate-tailgating.net/ You will never be the same! BTW – They have like 10 different set ups to choose from. I will never be able to simply hang out the same way.