SNG Weekly Wrap Up: Halloween Draft

We took a bit of a break from the show, but we were spending that whole time thinking about all of the ways we could make it new and fresh and interesting. So, we inevitably landed on something that I don’t think any past show has had the balls to do in the past…a draft! Novel concept right? Thank you, thank you.

Honestly though, this is the format of the show moving forward. We’re going to do drafts and rankings and trivia and all that other fun stuff that we love. It’s just way more fun on our end, and we are going to start doing it live too. Subscribe on YouTube to always be notified when we go live with this kind of stuff.

This week we went for a Halloween draft because…well…it’s Halloween. We drafted from six categories: costume, candy, movie, decoration, something scary, and wild card. It was a lot of fun to make – now go watch it: