Putting our theory to the test: Vegas Golden Knights Vs. Vancouver Canucks Game 6 September 3rd at 8:45pm on NBCSN

As you know I’ve changed my methodology for picking winners. We now use a coin flip, duck drop, and expert opinion. So tonight we are putting it to the test. How are we putting it to the test you ask? I know nothing about hockey besides the games are really fun to watch live, there are some great fights, and the game is 3 periods. Therefore, in no way can I influence any of the variables with either energy or knowledge.

So with that let the picking begin. For the younger generation let me spell it out up front: CFTDDLEOWVGK (I feel like we are creating the next generation of code breakers…who knew LOL and OMG would lead to person who will save us from the next world war!)

Coin Flip: Vegas Golden Knights win coin flip in regulation

  • Round 1: Vegas Golden Knights heads Vs. Vancouver tails: Heads
  • Round 2: Vegas Golden Knights tails Vs. Vancouver heads:Tails
  • Overtime: Not needed!

Duck Drop: Vegas Golden Knights win in duck drop in overtime

  • Round 1: Vegas Golden Knights Male Mallard Vs. Vancouver Female Mallard: Male Mallard
  • Round 2: Vegas Golden Knights Female Mallard Vs. Vancouver Male Mallard:Male Mallard
  • Overtime: Vegas Golden Knights Male Mallard Vs. Vancouver Female Mallard: Male Mallard

Expert Opinion: Reminder I’m no expert on hockey, but that won’t stop me.

The Knights have a better W/L record than the Canucks. People smarter than me have picked them to win.

  • But, the reason I’m picking the Knights to win has nothing to do with Hockey at all. It is about all you can eat Buffets. Vegas hands down has the W in regards to buffets, and we all know sports fans like to eat.
  • Vegas Knights for the win, and then the buffet bonanza.

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