NFL Week 1 Predictions – An Impossible Season To Predict. Flip A Coin!

FYI – Each week we will choose a player with their number to reflect which week of the season we are in.  Therefore we are in week 1.

This week it all starts in the NFL: 32 teams, 256 regular season games over 17 weeks.

REMINDER: No preseason…just straight into the season. And we have 16 fantastic games on tap for week one.

What will this mean for most teams? No one really knows. Normally it would mean guys would not be in “game” shape yet which would create the potential for more injuries, and a likely sloppy start to the season with lots of penalties and quarterbacks calling time-outs because they are confused. I do believe this is going to be the case for a lot of players and teams. However, no preseason will be a huge benefit to teams with seasoned and established quarterbacks and strong player led teams. They will have been putting in the effort and focus and 100% been holding the players accountable for their effort as well. Strong player lead locker rooms will be the ones that come out firing for sure.

Will this type of start give a few teams most wouldn’t consider championship contenders a chance to be be in the mix. NOPE. I don’t believe lack of preparation helps week teams.

Now lets turn our attention and focus on week one and not missing a pick.  BTW – I leave all my picks up to the coin flip.  Why you ask – I went back and looks at the predictions from last year 2019 using sophisticated technical data and they were only right 50% of the time.  WELL – if you flip a coin your right 50% of the time.  So I’m going to put that to the test for the 2020 season.  The visiting team always chooses heads, and it is a best of three flips.  No matter what the outcome I have to support the flip – which is hard for me as you will see some of the picks below.  But, I live and die by the flip!  We will be tracking these picks for the whole season to see if my method works better than every other person on the planet!  I’m certain it will.  Let me know if you think your smarter than my coin.  We will start to video the flips for you to see as the season progresses.  And, I hope to have some flip parties throughout the season.

Thursday, September 10th

  • 7:20 pm CDT Texans @ Chiefs – Heads, Tails, Tails – Chiefs Win

Sunday, September 13th

  • 12:00 pm CDT Eagles @ Washington – heads, heads – Eagles win
  • 12:00 pm CDT Dolphins @ Patriots – heads, heads – Dolphins win
  • 12:00 pm CDT Packers @ Vikings – heads, tails, heads – Packers win
  • 12:00 pm CDT Colts @ Jaguars – tails, heads, tails – Jaguars win
  • 12:00 pm CDT Bears @ Lions – tails, heads, tails – Lions win
  • 12:00 pm CDT Raiders @ Panthers – tails, heads, tails – Panthers win
  • 12:00 pm CDT Jets @ Bills – heads, tails, heads – Jets win
  • 12:00 pm CDT Browns @ Ravens – tails, heads, tails – Ravens win
  • 12:00 pm CDT Seahawks @ Falcons – heads, heads – Seahawks win
  • 3:05 pm CDT Chargers @Bengals – heads, tails, heads – Chargers win
  • 3:25 pm CDT Cardinals @ 49ers – tails, heads, heads – Cardinals win
  • 3:25 pm CDT Buccaneers @ Saints – tails, heads, tails – Saints win
  • 7:20 pm CDT Cowboys @ Rams – tails, tails – Rams win

Monday, September 14th

  • 6:10 pm CDT Steelers @ Giants – tails, tails – Giants win
  • 9:20 pm CDT Titans @ Broncos – tails, tails – Broncos win