NBA’s Back – 22 Teams Plan is…

Flawed. Who cares. Play ball.

The facts are we knew the NBA would find a way to get Lonzo Ball in the playoff because his dad LaVar Ball said it was going to happen. He speaks things into reality. And, he said Lonzo would beat the Lakers in the playoff. All the sudden their might be something to this.

All joking aside we knew the NBA would find a way to get Zion (Mr. I’m going to dunk on your face Williamson) in the mix. And, if the Pelicans play well they could really mess things up for some teams. They do have a few other high caliber players like Ingram and Ball. Who cares if it is wrong. I like it. I want to see Zion play. And, so do the viewing audiences across the US. I’ll just leave this little video here for your viewing pleasure.

Back to the teams who can win a ring.

Lets start with the easy stuff to pick:

Bucks take the East because Giannis Anteokounmpo, The Greek Freak. (I do like Greek food. Who doesn’t like Gyros and baklava). There are going to be those people who are like you gotta watch out for the Raptors or Celtics or the Nets if they get that guy from back named Durant. No you don’t. Makes good conversation but it is just waste of words in my book. Place your bucks on the Bucks…go ahead and print the headlines!

Now the hard stuff:

The Western Conference. Lets just call it the We Don’t Know Conference. Most would say Lakers or Clippers…Lebron and Davis are an unstoppable duo or Kawhi and Paul George are pretty good as well. Smart money would say Lakers, but I’m not smart. I’m really smart. In 1995 a little unknown franchise in the 6th seed of the Western Conference came away with an NBA championship. Dream Shake…that is right the Houston Rockets – Who is number six this year? the Rockets. Just kidding…won’t be the Rockets this year but we all do like watching that guy Mr. James Harden travel every time he takes a three pointer. It is going to be the Lakers winning the West. I tried to build it up but everyone knows it is the Lakers. Unless we want to give some credence to LaVar Ball saying the Lakers will lose to the Pelicans in the playoff. Nah. Lakers win.

Now who wins the championship: Lakers vs. Bucks. Lets keep is real. Lakers win.

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