NBA Game 7 Oklahoma City vs. Houston: ESPN 9:00pm EST

I’ve decided to change things up for ever. My very, very, very smart friend went 2 for 10 this weekend on his picks. He is now a broken man emotionally and I just can’t have that happen. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to really provide meaningful pick direction based on sound fundamentals so this never happens again to anyone.

Nothing is bigger and more on the line than a game seven in the NBA.

I’ve created three indices that are tried and true and historically shown to be right more than wrong. The Coin Flip, The Duck Drop, Expert Opinion

Lets start with the coin flip* decision = two flips and switch heads and tails: ROCKETS IN REGULATION

  • FLIP #1 – OKC is heads and Rockets are tails: TAILS WIN
  • FLIP #2 – Rockets are heads and OKC is tails: HEADS WIN
  • Overtime – Not needed!
  • Reminder – We only use a Half Dollar coin for all coin flips. Look it up if you don’t know.

Duck drop. Closest to the target. (reminder no ducks were injured…we use plastic ducks!) ROCKETS IN OVERTIME, and we did have to go to the tap measure for the last round. The drama and intensity were so thick you could of cut it with a knife.

  • Drop #1 – OKC is male mallard and Rockets female mallard: Female Mallard
  • Drop #2 – Rockets is male mallard and OKC female mallard:Female Mallard
  • OVERTIME – OKC is male mallard and Rockets female mallard:Female Mallard
  • Reminder – We only use Northern Flight rubber ducks from Cabela’s

Expert Opinion: Never wrong and founder of my own fan club.

  • Clearly home court advantage is going to make all the difference. The fans are going to put the home team on their shoulders and drag them to the victory. Just kidding.
  • Rockets win. Because they should win and the will win. Plus, I like their uniforms better. I mean who doesn’t like Rockets. They take you to the moon and outer space. But, thunder only reminds you that someone just got hit lightning. NOT NICE!

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