Best New Sport Stadiums of 2020

Apparently there are dozens new professional sports stadiums opening in 2020 around the world…that is a lot of steel, glass and concrete. But, there are TWO stadiums I cannot wait to visit – Las Vegas Raiders and Texas Rangers. Don’t start on me about the new Rams/Chargers stadium…not a fan and size does not always matter. These sports stadiums have only gotten more and more amazing and this years crop of new stadiums don’t disappoint – Luxury boxes, amazing food experiences, bigger seats and of course closer to the action. Lets take a look at the two new stadiums I’m most excited to go to this year. People actually go to games now to see the stadium (sorry superstars).

Lets start with Football because as of right now the NFL is more likely to play than MLB.

NFL – Raiders – LAS VEGAS RAIDERS – Still feels weird to say that. But I do like the sound of it.

What do you get for $2 Billion now a days…about 65,000 seats and access to the adult paradise of Las Vegas. The best part (besides being in Las Vegas) is the grass comes in and out of the stadium on a giant rolling trey that brings the grass inside the stadium and then back outside for some Las Vegas Sun and Relaxation. CRAZY.

MLB – Texas Rangers new Globe Life Field.

I’ll admit I’m most excited about this stadium of all these new stadiums opening this year. I actually grew up in Arlington, TX and this will be the third Stadium I will be lucky enough to attend and see a Texas Rangers game. I believe the best aspect of the new stadiums is that the field is covered. These Texas summers can be brutal. It apparently is the largest retractable roof of its kind weighing 24 million pounds. The second thing I’m most excited about is there are less seats in this stadium from the last stadium but these new seats are also 11% bigger…hopefully that is in the leg room space because my knees were literally in the backs of people in front of me in the old stadium. But, as I write this I should also say I might have to go watch a concert if I want to see the stadium in 2020 or take a tour since MLB and MLBPA appear to be stuck on different planets still.

Just because I had to….I don’t like the teams or the stadium. But, I feel I had to include this because it is the biggest and most expensive. Clearly not everyone is wise with their money.

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