Top 5 Sports Movies Of All Time

Top 5 Sport Movies Of All Time

MonkeyPicks: You know how we do it.  5 picks. Never wrong. Lets go.  

Reminder: The weekend starts on Thursday night this week – because school is cancelled and stuff.

#1 – Rocky (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Rocky Balboa, Creed, Creed 2)

Why – Boxing, Blood, Training (always good learning a new ab workout), He always wins in the end, oh and – YO ADRIAN. Don’t forget the Rocky Statue at the top of the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Side Note – 8 movies…8 freaking movies for Sly Stallone, damn.  That puts it in the same category as American Pie (i know where you’re thinking – Yep 8 movies),   and the MUMMY movies (clearly this is a mistake and makes me want to produce/write movies). But, not even close to the Fast and the Furious at 14 movies.  Sly you better get back to work…

#2 – Talladega Nights

Why – Well this was a tough call against Days of Thunder.  That’s a lie – Talladega Nights gave us Shake and Bake, and If you ain’t first you’re last.  And, we learned Jesus was once an 8 lbs 3 oz baby. I’m not 100% but I believe this movie is responsible for the growth of all motorsports globally.  Need I say more. And, without this movie guys like Will Ferrell, Sacha Baron Cohen, and John C. Reilly would have always been B Level actors, but now they are A listers. 

Apology – I want to personally apologize to Tom Cruise (aka Maverick the greatest Navy Fighter pilot that ever lived) for not picking his movie.  But, he is referenced in Talladega Nights so I can sleep at night.

#3 – Hoosiers 

Why – Picket Fence, Redemption, and how to measure the height of a basket (if that doesn’t make sense…watch the movie).  Plus, this movie is mostly about practice and practicing without a ball. Basically the fundamentals of what drives today’s game.  Just ask Allen Iverson.

#4 – Adam Sandler – Aka Happy, Bobbie and Paul

Why – I guess technically Adam Sandler is not a sports movie, but he has been in some of the best, Period.  He hits harder, drives the ball longer, and wins against all odds. If you haven’t tried to hit a golf ball like Happy Gilmore you’re lying or not an athlete.  

Movies – Happy Gilmore, Water Boy, and The Longest Yard.  

#5 – The Natural

Why: NATURAL talent, Robert Redford, and Wonderboy.  Shows the great journey of baseball player Roy Hobbs, a simple farm boy in the wrong place at the wrong time getting a second chance and making the most of it.

Key Takeaways: Reminder that natural talent and not hard work gets you paid and laid.  And, don’t hook up with hookers or random hot chicks because you could end up like Roy Hobbs (clearly today’s pro’s still have something to learn and this movie should be a required watch by rookies).

Tip for the Week – These aren’t real athletes or sporting events and all outcomes were predetermined before shooting began.  Meaning – They were all fixed.  

Disclaimer: Teams with the most points generally win, most of the time.  Results may vary. Don’t feed the animals. If you bet based on this…you should be in the Zoo!

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