Top 5 Memorial Day Sports

I used to love Memorial Day. When I was living in New Jersey, it meant heading to the beach for the weekend and the beginning of a great summer. Now that I’m in Texas, it fills me with a little bit of dread knowing that 110 degrees is right around the corner. I still like it though because whether you’re 7 years old or 65, I think there’s always something a little bit exciting about the summer. Plus Memorial Day signals the start of Hawaiian shirt season which means that I don’t have to think about my wardrobe for the next three months. Memorial Day lends itself to BBQs and lawn/beach sports, so I wanted to put together my list of my top five favorite sports to play on this holiday. Let’s get started.

#1: Cornhole
Cornhole is one of the best competitions ever invented. It’s horseshoes but actually fun. I love standing with a beer in my left hand and a bean bag in my right trying to land each shot into the hole 27 feet away. I’m also great at the game, so that helps too.

#2: Wiffle Ball
Wiffle ball would be my number 1 game if it was more inclusive. Everyone can play cornhole, but Wiffle ball still takes a little bit of the same hand-eye-coordination that makes baseball players great. Not everyone has that. But for the people that do, this is a fantastic game. My preferred Wiffle ball location is the beach where people can complain about the wind and other factors like getting slowed down by the sand, but no matter where you play, this has to be a staple of every Memorial Day party.

#3: Beer Pong
Do I sound like too much of a frat bro with this pick? Well, joke’s on you because I wasn’t a part of a frat in college. I just love beer pong; sue me. This is a fun game to play with family and friends because it encourages conversation, healthy competition, and everyone to get a little buzzed. If you’re a beer pong hard-o, skip the table on Memorial Day. Leave it to the people that just want to relax and know that there’s no such thing as losing in beer pong.

#4: Competitive Eating
I haven’t done competitive eating since high school when my friends and I tried to see who could eat a funnel cake the fastest and two of us threw up. That being said, I’m not opposed to getting back on that wagon this Memorial Day. I love watching people competitively eat, and I used to love doing it myself. Whether it’s seeing who can eat the most or the quickest or whatever the stipulations are, this is sure to enhance everyone’s BBQ experience.

#5: Two-Hand Touch Football
If you’re taking part in all of the above competitions, you know that you’re ending your day with some two-hand touch football. Normally this would be my number one competition on any list, but on Memorial Day it slips to number 5 because it takes so much more effort than the other two. I’d say touch football usually starts up after cornhole and Wiffle ball but before beer pong and competitive eating. You usually go too hard and get too sweaty and then need to cool down with a slice of watermelon. I love two-hand touch, and I guarantee that 75% of BBQs will be playing it at some point today.

Honorable Mentions: Kan Jam, Ladder Golf, Bocce Ball

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