Thursday Night Streaming Movie: Bad Education (2020)

The thing I’ve probably missed the most during quarantine is going to the movies. I love the smells, the people, the germs, and the giant screen, but most of all, I love the new content. It’s great to kick back for 90-120 minutes and watch something that I’ve never seen before and hear a story that’s never been told quite in that way. Whether it is good or bad, something new is always welcomed. That’s why I enjoyed watching Bad Education so much. It was something new that could distract my brain for close to two hours during these crazy times! So I highly recommend opening up HBO and enjoying this weird story and one of Hugh Jackman’s best acting performances of his career. Allison Janney and Ray Romano were great as well. Bad Education has a runtime of 108 minutes and can be streamed on HBO.

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