Saturday Night Streaming Movie: Palm Springs (2020)

The worst part about quarantine (aside from the illness, death, and all of the other serious stuff) is that new movies haven’t been coming out. I miss going to the theaters so much. But I find myself happily settling for new movies on streaming platforms. Movies like The Old Guard are the perfect example of a movie that was watchable but got bumped up points from me because it was something new. Palm Springs was way more than passable. Palm Springs was a really good to potentially great movie that I expect to like even more the second time around.

It’s a movie that put a great twist on the Groundhog Day genre of films. Not only is there more than one character stuck in this seemingly never-ending time loop, but there are other tropes of these types of movies that are broken down along the way…I don’t want to spoil anything though! Not only does it break the tropes of movies like Groundhog Day, but it also breaks the tropes of your traditional rom-com. It’s got a much darker feel than most rom-com movies, and it takes a deeper look into life than just scratching the surface of a traditional on-screen romance. One of these days, once more people have seen the movie, I’ll do a full spoiler-heavy breakdown. But for now, just take my word for it that this should be a must watch for everybody this weekend.

Palm Springs has a runtime of 90 minutes and can be streamed on Hulu.

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